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From my earliest years my mother encouraged (and taught!) me to sew - my own clothes, creative gifts, and eventually QUILTS.


With a career change, I've had the privilege to return to the art of quilting - this time with a new fervor for color and pattern selection. The only missing piece was quilting the "sandwich".  It didn't take me long to investigate longarm quilting and purchase my first machine.

I stitch computerized designs as well as free motion quilting to customer order. Each quilt becomes a unique art piece whether it be with traditional feathers, leaves/vines/swirls, "stitch in the ditch", pebbles, loops, squares, florals or grids and modern graphics. 

Quilting Rubies is about beauty, calm, shimmer. It's also a reference to our pup - Ruby, a West Highland Terrier.

I look forward to providing quilted design inspiration for your quilt project - TERRI

Customized and organic quilting creates a beautiful one-of-a kind project perfect for keeping or gifting!


IJust for today, create beauty with compassion and joy, sharing with those in the village.


The gift of ones time and talent will be forever loved and cherished - sew today, gift tomorrow.


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