Free Motion Edge to Edge (E2E), non-custom

$.020- $.025 square inch

E2E PLUS custom border (1 main design, 1 border)

$.025  - $.035 square inch

Hand Guided Pantograph E2E

$.020 - $.025 square inch

Custom Longarm Quilting

NOTE: I am not taking custom quilt work at this time.


There are many designs to accentuate the quilt top; this could include ruler work, marking, varied motifs, thread changes, borders. . . . .

$.03-.06 square inch

Patchwork Flying Geese.jpg


Completed Quilt Trimmed - FREE

Attach Binding  - TBD

Minimum Charge - $35

Thread Changes - $3-5       

BATTING -  To be determined at time of quilting

I hand guide/free motion "organic" quilting to customer order.  Each quilt becomes a unique art piece. This includes everything from traditional feathers to leaves/vines/swirls, "stitch in the ditch", pebbles, figure 8's, loops, squares, florals, to straight lines/grids and modern graphics.

To get a more E2E consistent/computerized look, I also stitch hand guided Pantographs. I have a collection or I will be happy to order specific designs for your quilt top.


60" x 70" quilt top = 4,200 square inches

Simple E2E

E2E plus Custom Border


4,200 x .02 = $84.00

4,200 x .025 = $105.00

4,200 x .03 = $126.00